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  • International and Domestic dispute resolution, including Arbitration, Mediation, Consulting, and Advocacy; and
  • Litigation risk management and project managment to reduce client costs.

Walter Duffy is the past chair of Faegre & Benson, LLC's (currently Faegre Baker Daniels)International Litigation/Arbitration practice. He has been lead counsel on arbitrations and mediations around the world including extensive experience arbitrating in China before the CIETAC sub-commissions in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as before tribunals in Europe and Africa (ICC, LCIA, ICDR and World Seed Federation).

Walter Duffy was the City Attorney and Chief Legal Officer of the City of Minneapolis. prior to becoming a partner at Faegre & Benson, LLC, where he practiced for thirty-three years.

Walter Duffy - Duffy Law Firm, PLLC

2642 Burnham Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

wduffylaw@me.com - 612-716-8540

Walter Duffy Jr. - Duffy Law Firm PLLC - 2017
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